Senior Games

Sensational Seniors provides the best multi-level games and activities to seniors, wherever they may gather…

  • 55+ communities
  • Independent/assisted living
  • Community/recreation centers
  • Family gatherings

Consider hosting a Game Event in your community! These are wonderful venues for seniors to experience all of the benefits of playing great games:

Socialization ~ Brain Fitness ~ Reinforcement
Fun ~ Challenge ~ Accomplishment

Our games can be played by people with many different age-related health issues. For example, a senior with macular degeneration found Quadefy pieces easy to handle and see…and she had a great time playing, too!

-Laura Gaida,
Learning Gizmos – Family

As we age, we sometimes have issues with memory, sight, and dexterity. Below are a few games that can help. Click on the links to learn more:

Single Player games like Solitaire Chess include logic puzzles and games of skill.


L-C-R is a fun travel game for all ages. Great for groups!
$8.00 – Buy Now

Strategy games like the award-winning Quadefy are perfect for young and old alike!

Bridging Generations games such as Word on the Street Junior are perfect for young and old alike.

Q-bitz is a fun, challenging game that also builds visual dexterity.

Family puzzles have pieces that come in three sizes. These puzzles are easier for groups of people with different levels of physical dexterity to assemble together.


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